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Terms and Conditions for the usage of MINT GLOBAL

  1. Service:

    Bureau van Dijk provides THE CUSTOMER with MINT GLOBAL comprising the :

    • financial databases as provided by the Information Providers (IPs);
    • retrieval and analysis software written by Bureau van Dijk;
    • help desk support provided by Bureau van Dijk.

  2. Period:

    The service is supplied for one year starting the day of invoicing.

  3. Use of MINT GLOBAL:

    THE CUSTOMER understands that the data is made available for the exclusive use of its own organisation and accepts that it will not publish or make the data available to a third party, other than in the normal course of its business activities.
    THE CUSTOMER specifically undertakes not to make the data available in a form which would compete with the service of Jordans.

  4. Copyright:

    All copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the information, the software and other data comprised in MINT GLOBAL shall remain vested in Bureau van Dijk and the IPs.

  5. Warranty:

    MINT GLOBAL is provided without warranty of any kind. This means that the IPs and Bureau van Dijk do not in any way warrant or guarantee MINT GLOBAL, as to its authenticity, accuracy, reliability, currentness or otherwise.


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